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If you want to become a VA and are ready to start but you don't know how, you're in the right place.

"I need to earn more."


Did you know that the going rate for Virtual Assistants is $10 per hour MINIMUM? That's 500 pesos!

We will teach you why you shouldn't charge less and HOW to do it.

"I'm not skilled for VA work."


NOT TRUE! Did you know there are over 200 + services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant? You're probably doing something today that you can actually do as a VA!

Uncover those skills with us!

"I want to start, but I don't know how."


Everybody goes through this phase. That's why we're here — to help guide you and let you Kickstart your VA Career!

We will coach you all the way

Learn from Virtual Assistant Coaches Ysabelle and Junny who have Kickstarted their careers back in 2018.


Learn how you can get started - mga techniques na pwede mo'ng gamitin to be on the same level as other Virtual Assistants all around the world.


Learn why you should be earning no less than $10 an hour even as a beginner. At paano magsimula at that rate.

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I used to be in the position of earning only $3.79 an hour for my first ever client doing the exact same thing I was doing when I was still a call center agent just because I had no idea what being a VA actually means!

What did I do? I researched, got myself a mentor, and now I am able to do the things I enjoy, earning the rate that I DESERVE.

You may be in the same place as I was at the start, so let us help you.

- Coach Ysabelle ⚡️

This VA course answers all of these questions:

Module 1: 


What are Virtual Assistants?

What do I need to become one?

What services can I offer?

How much should I charge?

Module 2:


What do I need to to start promoting myself as a VA?

How can I start promoting my services?

Module 3:


Where can I look for clients?

What should I do once I have connected with a potential client?

How do I negotiate rates with them?

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To help guide you, this crash course includes...

⚡Informational videos

Nandito lahat ng information na kailangan mo from the services you can offer to learning how to market your skills.

⚡Downloadable Resources

PDFs guides that can help you along the course

⚡Editable Badges

Pwede mo'ng gamiting to share to announce your start as a freelance VA. The moment you announce that you want to switch, may kakaibang boost of confidence and motivation. So announce it out into the world!

⚡Access to Coaches via the FB Group

We are open to any questions you may have and host Q&As inside the Facebook group. :)


Mahirap magsimula


Totoo, mahirap. Lalo na kung hindi mo alam kung anong ginagawa mo.


Sa lahat naman halos ng trabaho ganyan. When I switched to freelancing, nagtaka pa ako bakit hindi ako nakakakuha ng clients. 


Kasi sa employment mas nadalian lang ako, nandyan yung diploma ko, alam ko naman sagot sa mga intake tests, tapos hindi naman ako hirap sa interview kasi kabisado ko kung anong ginagawa ko. 


When I started freelancing, I started from zero. 


Ano nga naman kasi alam ng nagche check ng quality ng pagkain sa customer support at sa pag manage ng website? 😅




But I was lucky enough that to have mentors guiding me. 


I found out na may skills naman pala ako to offer, hindi ko lang alam na may nangangailangan pala ng skills na yun.

I learned the value of my skills so I was able to charge better rates.

I figured out where to find the clients na nangangailangan ng services ko.

I gained more confidence...


and I hope the same happens for you.


Coach Junny ☀️

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We are a team of Filipino Freelancers that want to share an efficient way for you to earn more and build a career at home.

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Virtual Switchr aims to let Filipinos be in control of their professional life and give a better meaning to work-life balance while maximizing their earning potential.